The battle for Health

After King Glory the 37th sailed over to the edge of my mouth, he saw something shocking. Airships. Airships every were. A distress beacon was activated when Fester was captured. Now fever airships from every tribe had come to attack. King Glory knelt on one of my teeth and started to hum. Suddenly a beam of light struck me and I was clean. But King Glory still has to save the rest of this house hold. He stood up and ordered for an airship to be captured for use.


Cannons blasting, germs yelling, fire burning. It was coming to an end. After a sad defeat King Glory the 37th returns to an angry group of kings. King Glory kneels in front of King Glory the 69th. King Glory the 69th claimed King Glory the 37th a failure and was no longer a king until he could prove to be a successful ruler.


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