The Battle for Health Part 2

King Glory was going to finish the battle once and for all. After he was uncrowned at the palace King Glory was ready to prove himself to the rest of the kingdom. This is war. King Glory set out on a journey with his army, and wasn’t coming back until the battle was won. He climbed in a royal airship. King Glory knows this task is to much for him, so King Glory got some help. From a good friend named Begger. Begger is a rough in tough creature that eats germ and rock. During the battle King Glory noticed a huge rock, which the distress beacon was coming from. King Glory was unable to pierce the rock with any weapon or tool. 2 hours later The battle was intense King Glory was shot 3 times in the leg and once in the arm. But Begger had destroyed the beacon! As King Glory eliminated the rest of the infected germs, he will be able to pro vale to the Kings

The house hold has been destroyed over along battle. But the germs lost! Along with a life. King Glory suffered along cold sad death, he laid down and closed his eyes and slipped away to the light. King Glory the 37th will be remembered.

More epic battles to come.


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