The Forbidden Jungle

General Grenada commands his squad to wright a letter to home Because there may not be coming back after this task.   “Okay troops, Plo Koon has asked us to harvest metal to repair damaged ships.” Said Grenada   He then walked to an iron door were he pressed in a code. Grenada walked through the the door once it opened. “Hey, dude!” yelled Kobe “Greetings.” replied Grenada.    “Dude theres this, leakage of oil.” said Kobe. “Okay then, fix it” ordered Grenada. Grenada walked to the door once again, and retyped the code.  There was no clones at the table. Grenada could hear guns racking and guns loading. Grenada and his troopers marched over to the ship. Grenada climbs into the ship and tells Mark to ask Kobe if the ships ready to fly. “Hey Kobe.” said Mark as he stumped on Kobe’s leg. “Yeah its safe to fly” yells Mark. “Okay.” answers the pilot. The ship takes flight, but Kobe hasn’t finished repairing the leek. “Wait! Wait Don’t leave!” franticly yelled Kobe as the blasted in to hyper speed. “Okay, so Jedi knight Plo Koon has commanded us to harvest metal from planet Dingerbuilt. Its highly dangerous and is a jungle. A few years ago we already sent down a squad of men and they never came back. But we also got a radio signal from the planet, but unfortunately it was abruptly ended and we couldn’t reconnect. So we need to be careful, No one has documented an creature or of just general life.” explained Grenada. “Sir! we’re loosing power! Brace for a crash landing!” yelled the pilot. “General! run way in site!” said Ken “Good we’ll try to land there.” said Grenada as he walked in the cockpit “Please Sir get out of the cockpit now!” yelled to pilot as he pushed Grenada back with one arm, and pressed a button that shut off and detached the cockpit from the rest of the ship. “BRACE!!!!”



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