The Forbidden Jungle Part 2

“BRACE!!!!” Yelled Grenada as the ship smashed into the ground! tossing and turning the ship slowly came to stop on its side. “Who’s dead?” asked mark “Willie and Zach look dead.” said John “Hey Grenada! The pods to the ship fell off!” yelled mark as he climbed out. “Holy, moses… Grenada! You got to see this!” Mark said in a stunned voice. Grenada jumped out of the ship and looked up, to see a 329-B10 Clone Gunship suspended in the air by vines. “This is definitely were the Bomb squadron crashed.” said Grenada. “HEY! The pilots not dead!” yelled Ken. “Theres glass stuck under his suite. And the glass is in his neck.” said Ken “Can he walk?” questioned Grenada. “No, he can’t walk. Duh!” said Ken “Okay! Lets move cause what ever happened to Bomb squad, will happen to us. Lets Go!” ordered Grenada “But Sir! what about the pilot?” questioned Ken “We, we can’t take him. he’s dead weight. And he will probably die soon.” said Grenada. Ken stood up and sighs “Sorry, I’m truly sorry.” Ken said to the pilot while he walked way. “What the.” said Grenada as he ran up to a skeleton of a clone propped up on a tree. Grenada took his finger and wiped some dust off the helmet that reveled the name. Phillip. Grenada looked down to see a spear lodged in the clone’s chest. “We’re not alone Boys.” said Grenada as he lead the troops deeper in the jungle. “We’re not alone.”


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