The Forbidden Jungle Part 3

“Lets Move!” Commanded Grenada as he marched through the jungle. After a days hike Grenada’s troops made camp. “Okay, John put the sticks down.” said Ken. “Stand back.” said Ken as he shot the wood with his gun. Boom, crack, snap. Grenada and the rest of the troops sat down by the fire that Ken started by shooting his gun at the wood John provided. “Alright, in the morning we find a way out.” whispered Grenada as he laid down his head. The next day.”Eeeek! Wesnoopy slu cooo!” “Aaaah!” screamed john as he was quickly dragged out of camp. “Kill circle!” yelled Grenada as his troops jumped up and gathered in a circle. “Cock your weapons!” ordered Grenada. “Where’s John?” asked Ken. “Um…. he’s not here.” quickly replied Mark “Okay! We need to move and find John!” commanded Grenada. “Reeesiple sqa fevck geeeee!” “Who’s that?” said Mark. “Move! Move! Move!” yelled Grenada. Grenada pushed through thick dense foliage to reveal a flat area where a small tower rested. “Get in the tower! Now!” ordered Grenada. “Oh, oh thats sick.” said Mark. There was a dead half decayed clone trooper without his arm. “Hey! a radio!” said Ken. “Does it work?” asked Grenada. “It sure does!” said Ken. “Its time to leave this cursed plane-t—Aaaaaaaaah!” “Ken! No!” yelled Grenada. “Ambush!” screamed Mark as he blasted at the enemies! Grenada grabbed Ken and flipped him and his shoulder. “Return fire!” yelled Mark as he was stabbed by a spear! Grenada activated the radio and made an emergency call! Grenada ran as fast as he could to try to escape the invasion! Grenada turned around to see a republic Gunship over head of him. The Gunship land, and Grenada quickly climbed inside. Laying Ken down he looked up to see body bags. “Mark.” “No, I can’t be.” “Its okay, He’s not dead. Just on a different ship.” said the Captain. The Gunship took flight and blasted in to hyper speed. Grenada checked Kens
pulse. It was still there. Grenada stood up and looked at his gloves. He then remove them to see blood. Grenada rolled ken over and saw that he was bleeding. “Its okay, Its Okay.”

Ken: Age 16
Injurys: Broke left arm and leg, and collar bone.

Mark: Age 26
Injurys: stabbed in the stomach, Broke both ankles.

John: Age 23
Injurys: Unknown

Zach: Age 15
Death: Crushed by Willie that weighs 267 lbs.

Willie: Age 19
Death: Died during crash.

Phil: Age 43
Injurys: Just some scratches.

Carl: Age 32
Death: Choking on his toe nails.

Bill: Age 31
Death: Stabbed to death.

Grenada: Age 26
Injurys: Broken arm, Three Broken rips and one Broken toe.

Grenada will return soon with his troops!


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