The Forbidden Jungle? part 4

Lets pause and rewind. Lets go back and tell what would happen if a Gunship never came for Grenada. What would happen? Would Grenada and his troops die? We continue our epic journey on DingerBuilt. “Ken? are… are you dead?” asked Grenada as he laid Ken down. “Move, or I’ll redecorate the jungle with your brain juice!” yelled a voice as a gun was put up to Grenada’s head.  “Hey!” yelled Mark as he hobbled over to the sight. “Wha? What Clone are you man?” asked Mark. “The one you didn’t come back for three years ago.” said the Clone as he unloaded to shots in Marks stomach. Mark gasped for air and fell to his knees and crumbled up into a ball. “Rebels! Tie them all up!” ordered the Clone. The Clone bent over and said to Grenada “I’m General now! Hahahahahahaha!” he laughed as he shot several rounds into the air. “Lets go!” he ordered. Some Speeders pulled up with Grenada’s men all tied up. “On you go.” laughed the Clone as he pushed Grenada on a speeder with Ken. Ken was out cold. Motion less he laid on the speeder with Grenada. Grenada looked up to see two dark figures standing in the shadows. But one figure was on the other ones should like it was injured.


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