The Forbidden Jungle? Part 5

Grenada looks up after a long 3 hour ride to see a camp. Adorned with skulls and bones. “Where are we?” Said Phil. “Home!” Laughed the Clone. “By the way, my name is Mandrake.” Said the Clone. “Derk! Check the prisoners!” Ordered Mandrake. “There fine!” Yelled Derk. “Good, put the others in the cell.” Commanded Mandrake. Grenada and the others were put in side a massive hollow tree trunk with some water and three other Clones. “Hey… how did you get here?” Asked a Clone. “Crash landed trying to get here.” Replied Grenada. “Ah…  were the neck are we?” Asked Ken as he removed his helmet. “Ken… is that you?” Said a Clone. “Grayson? Arman?” “Yes… yes! Yes it’s us!” Said Arman. “I thought I would never see you again.” Said Ken. “Um… Grayson is injured bad.” Said Arman. Well, Ken has been shot in the arm, Mark has been stabbed and shot twice in the stomach.” Said Grenada. “Okay! Who dies first! You! Come here! Ordered Mandrake as he grabbed Carl and threw him on the ground outside of the tree. Grenada could hear the screams of Carl as they beat him up. “Your lucky I’m in a nice mood cause I would slaughter you!” Yelled Mandrake as he hit Carl in the back with a stick. “Ah! Grenada! Help me please!” Helplessly cried Carl as he beaten. “Shut up!” Ordered Mandrake. “No! I wouldn’t!” Yelled Carl. “Fine.” Calmly said Mandrake as he cocked his gun. “Lights out!”


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