The Forbidden Jungle? Part 6

“Lights out.” said Mandrake “Wait!” “Wha, who are you?” said Mandrake. “Pirates, your on my land.” “I… I have been living here for three years.” said Mandrake. “I have been watching you for three years. Hand the Clone over and nobody gets hurt.” said the Pirate. “No, state your business and leave.” ordered Mandrake. “Oh, this is going to be good.” said Grenada. “The name is Hondo Ohnaka.” said Hondo. “The Clone is mine!” said Mandrake. “Oh, poor boy, he’s bleeding from his mouth.” said Hondo in a caring manner. “Boys, seize the Clone.” said Hondo as his men repelled from trees surrounding Mandrakes camp. “Move in.” commanded Hondo.  As Carl was being escorted out of camp Grenada preyed the door of the tree he was stuck in. “No, Grenada, go back.” said Carl as he was escorted out of camp. “Grenada, Mark is… pale white.” said Ken “No.” said Grenada as he climbed in the tree. “Mandrake.” “Yes Grenada.” he replied. “Mark is about dead.” said Grenada. “Derk, fix him up.” ordered Mandrake. Night fell and Mandrake and some of his men went looking for the pirates base to loot. Derk was on guard duty for the night. “Oh, my junk. I need to go.” said Derk as he hobbled behind some leaves so he could wiz. “Oh, I peed on my foot.” said Derk “That was a stupid derp.” “Who’s there!” yelled Derk as he wiped out his blaster. “Its me, Phillip.” Phillips dead, AH! ITS A GHOST! RUN!” screamed Derk as he ran deeper into the dense foliage.


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