The Forbidden Jungle? Part 7

“Ah! GHOST!” Screamed Derk as he bolted into the woods. “Ok , let’s move.” Whispered Grenada as he opened the tree prisons door. “Oh, sly you are.” Said Mandrake as he shot Grenada right through the leg. “Ga.” Yelled. Arman as he tackled Mandrake. “So, you think you strong.” Said Mandrake. “When, there’s sixteen of us, yes were strong.” Said John as he pushed through thick leaves. John pointed a gun at Mandrake. “Arman get off of him.” Ordered John. Mandrake stood up and swiftly kicked John in the kidney. “Ah!” Yelled John as he collapsed to the ground in pain. Mandrake then spin kicked Arman. Punched him in the side and tossed him to the ground. Mandrake ran and jumped and tackled Ken before he grab a gun. “Ok… I will feed all of you to the wild animals that lurk in these jungles.”Giggled Mandrake.  “Aaaaaaaaah! Ah… uh.” Mandrake fell to his knees and slumped over dead. There was a distinct wound in the side of his helmet that went straight through his head. Everyone laid on the ground in pain from Mandrakes attack. Grenada soon regained focus and saw everyone knocked out from Mandrakes attack. Grenada pulled himself over to a medical kit laying on a stone. Grenada has lost so much blood that when he bandaged himself, he past out. Several hours later he woke up to find himself on a bed. “That… was a bad dream.” Said Grenada. “Oh it wasn’t no dream.” Said Hondo. “Oh… So I’m your new prisoner?” Asked Grenada. “No… I’m just simply selling you to the republic.” Said Hondo.


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