The Forbidden Jungle Part 8 The Escape

Grenada leaped at Hondo, punching him in the throat. Then elbowing him in the right side of his head. Grenada kicked Hondo in the gut, until he collapsed. Grenada rolled Hondo over and saw the keys to the rest of the cells. Grenada bolted over and unlocked Ken’s cell. Then Mark, then John, then Arman, then Grayson, then Carl, and so on. Grenada and his troops ran until they found the door that led outside. Once Everyone was outside, They heard a loud humming noise. Suddenly turrets turned on, and started to lay down heavy fire. Grenada and his troops ran for there lives. They darted into the jungle Grenada jumped over dead logs, slid under trees, dodged laser and saved carl from a giant man eating turtle. Night was falling, and they needed shelter. “Hey! Grenada! I can’t believe it! it hasn’t rained yet.” Said Mark in a stunned tone. Craaack! Lightning crashed. “Thanks.” said Grenada in a sarcastic voice. “Tada!” said Ken. Grenada turned around and saw a huge leave laying on a tree. “Is that our shelter?” questioned Grenada. “No. Look right there.” said Ken. Grenada looked to his left and saw lean-to shelter made of Massive Jungle leaves, mud and logs, And had moss beds for sleep. “Great!” said Grenada. A Drop of rain splatted on Grenada’s helmet. “Rain, rain go away, come again some other day.” said Mark in a catchy tune. “No, you idiot that makes rain come.” said John. “Ok, I’ll sing it backwards, Niar, niar og yawa, emoc niaga emos retho yad.” said mark as he danced on one leg. “Har, Har hilarious.” said Carl as he laid down on his moss bed.
“Dang, its hard to follow you guys.”
“Drake, my man.” said John. “I thought I was your man. I guess he lied.” said Carl
“Hows your neck?” asked John. “its fine.” said Drake as slowly lowered himself down with a vine. “Room for me?” asked Drake “Sure.” replied Grenada. 13:48 A.M. Thunder was roaring, lightning was crashing, rain pounded on the crude shelter. It was going to be a long night, or even days, maybe weeks.


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