The Forbidden Jungle Part 9 The Killer

“Grenada! Run! Save yourself!” yelled Ken right before Hondo shot Ken in the head. “No! Ken!” Screamed Grenada as he ran away. Grenada ran until he tripped on a body. Grenada got back up and noticed that the clone he tripped over was beaten so bad that he couldn’t recognize the face. The Clones helmet was beside him laying on the ground. Grenada picked up and wiped some blood off to see that the helmet belonged to Mark. Grenada froze, His heart beating faster, and faster, and faster, and faster. Grenada stood up, turned around, and ran for his life. As Grenada ran around a crashed speeder he saw a clearing. He charged into the clearing. His heart jumped as he saw 5 of his troops hanging from a tree branch with a rope tied around their necks. Grenada could hear the screams of John in the distance as he was dying. Grenada clinched his fists as he stood up. He was the last Clone of squadron 994. He failed. He must pay for his mistake. Hondo will pay with his life. In a split second Grenada was penned to a tree. A dark figure had its hands around Grenada’s throat. Grenada’s body was screaming for air. The figure started twitching back and forth to Hondo’s body. “AAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!” Screamed Grenada as his vision started to get fuzzy.  The figure was wear a trench coat with a hood.  Grenada couldn’t see the Killers face. Soon long Bloody teeth started to show. At lest 9 inches long. Grenada’s vision went blank. The pain stopped as Grenada’s lifeless Body tumble to the ground. The Menacing creature turned around and was gone. “He’s Dying!” yelled Carl as he started to do CPR on Grenada. “Wake up!” yelled John as he started to check Grenada’s pulse. Grenada snapped back into reality. “AAAAAH!!!!!” yelled Grenada as he sat up.


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