A Random Tale

“Bob… Your fired.” sternly said the head director. “But, but, but… I didn’t men to spend forty thousand dollars.” cried out Bob. “YOU DID WHAT!!!!!!!” scream the director. “GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET OUT!!!!!!” he screamed. Bob was sincerely sorry for his rash choice. Bob ran to the outskirts of the village and fell to his knees and screamed “WHY!!!!!!” Bob threw a pebble at the ground and sighed. Suddenly the ground underneath him started to crack. “Cheese and sprinkles.” said Bob right before he plummeted to a cave below him. Bobs head violently smash on the ground. A several hours later Bob rose and wiped some crusty dirt off his face. A scream echoed there the cave. Before Bob knew it, he was running in the direction of the scream. He soon stopped at a giant open space were he saw a Dragon! The Mayors daughter was about to be eaten be the Dragon! “Never Fear! Cause the king’s cousin Dumble Dwarf is here!” said Dumble Dwarf as he swung out of no were, knocking Bob off his feet. Bumble Dwarf was slaying the dragon! “Hey.” “Ah! who are you and were did you come from.” said Bob. “I am a Genie, and I came from the lamp in your back pocket.” he said. The Genie then quickly said “You have three items you can choose from.” “Um… But Are you supposed to give me three wishes?” said Bob “NoI’m not, Here’s you stuff.” said the Genie as he dropped a Sword, a doll and a Gold Brick. Bob looked at Dumble Dwarf. Dumble Dwarf is now a smoldering pile of ash. “My gravy.” said the Genie before dissipating into thin air. Bob raised his sword and just as he was going to swing, the dragon sneezed and passes out. The Mayors daughter started singing to the dragon and Bob was stung by a poisonous scorpion and then fell into a deep sleep.


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