The Forbidden Jungle Part 10 A Glimmer of Hope

AAAAAH!” yelled Grenada as he snapped out of his nightmare. Grenada was panting hard.

“Whose there?” Come a voice from the jungle.

“Don’t move. we have you surrounded.”

“Who are you!” yelled Ken.                            “We are Republic troops.”

“Yes! its! its us!” yelled John. The Troops came into there camp. “We have a Gunship coming in to take you guys out.” said the commander of that squad. Just over the horizon they could see the gunship. Suddenly a missile struke the ship directly in the front, causing the gunship to explode into a fiery inferno. “Hondo.” said Grenada as he was bitting his teeth. “RUN!!!!” yelled Carl as he was tackled by one of Hondo’s men. “Move or he’ll die.” said Hondo. “AAH!” screamed one of the squads Clones. “Ok, you asked for it.” said Hondo as he shot Carl through the chest. “NO!” screamed Grenada as he turned to run away with the others. “Blast’em.” said Hondo. they all ran until they saw Hondo’s smuggler ship. “Get in! yelled Grenada. ‘Accesses Denied.” Said the Computer. “What? there’s a password?” Asked Ken. “Move!” yelled Drake as a caught a grenade. He then brought it close up to his chest. Drake took the whole explosion to the chest. “No!” screamed Grenada. as he rolled Drake over. Hondo and his men started firing. “Take evasive action!” ordered Mark. Thousands of flash backs hit Grenada. He froze. Suddenly a missile blow up 3 Clones of the other squadron. Then again, and again. “Mark! I’m going to do it!” Yelled Ken. “No! You can’t!” yelled Mark. “I’m going to take out the bazooka!” yelled Ken. It was too late. Ken had reviled himself. He shot the guy using the missile launcher. Ken took to shots to the chest before falling to his knees. Grenada snapped back to reality. With one thing on his mind. Save Carl. Grenada ran through the Jungle. He then found there camp. There was a Gunship. And hundreds of Clones. Grenada saw Carl. Laying on a stretcher. He was convulsing hard. “No!” Yelled Grenada as he ran at Carl. A Clone officer stopped him then three other Clones were onto of Grenada, trying to stop him. A Clone came from Behind Grenada Removing his helmet. A mask was put around Grenada’s mouth. Toxic gas entered Grenada’s Body. He started to get dizzy. His eyes began to swell up. The gas had take Grenada’s body over. “Ken!” yelled Mark as he dragged Ken’s body out of fire. “Do you hear me?!” yelled Mark. Randomly Elite Clones Swung into the fight on vines. A AT-AP Walked in the middle of fire. After a massive explosion, all gun fire had stopped. They were saved. Medical Clones rushed in and ripped Mark off Ken. Mark went limp and fell to the ground. Ken was dragged over to a medical ship were everyone laid. Grenada looked dead. John was the only one of squadron 994 to be awake on the ride back from DingerBuilt. Grenada, Ken, Mark, John, Drake, The Captain of the other squad, and Phil. All stood with there helmets removed. They were having a moment of silence, for Carl. R.I.P Carl, Jake, Trijix.


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