The Forbidden Cave

“Alright boys, if I’m correct, a Clone was knocked out and dragged into Blood’s Cave. Am I correct?” said Grenada. “Yeah, your correct.” “Ulix, stay out of this, and didn’t I kick you out of my building two hours ago?” replied Grenada. Ulix turned around and left the area. “Lets get our guns and leave.” said Grenada as he spun his two dual pistols on his fingers. Grenada and his new team left the safe area on planet Marlix. Grenada has taken a new mission on planet Marlix, witch is a thick forest. Marlix has a Giant Clone training facility resting on a towing mountain. A few hours past of just dodging trees. “Is this it?” asked Ken as he hopped off his speeder.  “I assume so.” said Drake. As everyone chatted Grenada walked up to the entrance of the cave.  He could see two long and windy slide marks in the mud. Grenada knew what this was. It was a Clone being dragged through the mud. Grenada peered over the edge of the cave that lead strait down. There was a staircase that hugged the side of the wall. But there was lit torches. Grenada was confused. “Ah!” Grenada turned around and saw Ulix and couple of other Clones surrounding Grenada’s Squad. Woo, the least popular Clone was just kicked in the face by Ulix. Suddenly a hand and lower arm wrapped around Grenada’s face. Grenada had been pulled into some thick brush. He knocked the Human off himself. There was Blood all over Grenada’s Helmet. Grenada turned around to see a Clone. That was severely injured. The Clone was Gasping for air, in between gasps the Clone said. “Ulix… He’s… He’s not to be trusted… Don’t go into the cave… Its cursed… Those Clone were never sent to war… There test Subjects… Please… leave me… Ulix is… A… Monster…” The Clone looked down at his gut. The Clone was literally holding his guts in his hands. Waiting to die. Grenada stepped back wards and bumped into Ulix. Grenada turned around and saw Ulix with a gun up to Marks head. “Now listen up… General, I’m just as good as a fight as you are.” Ulix lowered the gun from Marks head. “Kill the others.” said Ulix. Grenada saw Ken and Drake tied together. The Mark and Woo. Kyle and Phil. John and Arman.


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