The Forbidden Cave Part 2

“Just shoot us.” said Ken as he tried to free himself from the ropes that fettered him to Drake. “No, I won’t shoot you. And the fall won’t kill you either.” Said Ulix as he shoved Ken and Drake into the abyss. It was now Grenada’s turn. Grenada was only been tied around his hands. His feet were free. So Grenada took advantage of that, and spin kick Ulix, knocking him to the ground. Ulix dropped his gun. It fell into the abyss. “Yes.” Mumbled Grenada as he fell back into the cave. Splash! Everyone was underwater. Drake and Ken worked together to stand up. Same as the others. Grenada splashed next to John and Woo. “Ok, Grenada, come over and I’ll try to untie you.” Said John as he scooted closer and closer. “There!” said Grenada. He stood up and started untying his squad. The Gun that fell has soaked up water and is useless. “Wait. How did we land in water about thirty ft deep. And now where standing?” asked John. “Cause, cause. Oh my gosh were on a turtles back!” yelled Mark. “Ok lets just wait and not panic. it will most likely swim somewhere.” said Grenada.


Entry 18

Its been hard all by my self. No one to watch my back. No one to talk to. I might as well use my last shot to kill myself. Wait, I hear voices. It sounds like the rogue Clones that are after me. Why, why must it be me. Good bye world.


“I think I see a tunnel.” said Grenada as the turtle stop and began sinking deeper. Grenades troops successfully made it to land in the cave were they found a body. Of a Clone. Who’s helmet had a caping hole in the front. The entire face of the Clone had been devoured. Suddenly silky string of web struck Mark in the back. “AH!” yelled Mark as he was pulled into darkness. The pitter patter of spider legs grow louder and louder. Grenada knew that it was suicide to enter the the room. Mark was now considered a casualty of war. Then webbing latched onto Grenada’s ankle and pulled him into darkness as well. Grenada can’t see anything. its just blackness. The webbing snapped. Grenada slowly rose to his feet. Trying to regain his senses. Grenada took one step backwards. And fell. Grenada was plummeting down. Grenada hit something. Then everything was white. Grenada’s hears where ringing. Grenada went back to blackness. He robbed the front of his helmet. What? there was silk on my face preventing me from seeing. Then darkness. “Ah! I was knocked out. wait. I still can’t see.” Grenada said out loud. “Grenada?” yelled Ken. “Yeah, Help! Help! I can’t see!” yelled Grenada as he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.


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