The Forbidden Cave Part 3

“Grenada? You okay?” “Ken? is that you?”said Grenada as he rolled over. “Get up, We need to get you out of this room.” said Ken. “I-I can’t see.” said Grenada. “Oh,” said Ken as he lifted Grenada on both feet. Mark and Drake were on each side of Grenada helping him walk. “Are you sure you can’t see?” Asked Woo. “Ye- Ah! Stupid rock! Please warn me before I hit an object.” Sternly said Grenada. The group came across a pile of dead Clone bodies. Woo stopped and was looking at the face of his best friend. A single tear fell off of Woo’s face. “Come’on Woo, We don’t have time.” said Ken. “Yeah… I-I’m coming.” slowly said Woo. Suddenly a knife was put up to Woo throat. “Woo come-on- Oh.” said Ken as he saw a small man. Grey hair. Stubby fingers, short legs, Big nose, Nasally voice. “Wha do vant to sek.” said the small man. “Um… where lost. Can we have some help, maybe?” said Mark. “Ma, nam is Pedro Estabon. My friends call me Gore.” said Estabon. “Okay,” said Grenada “Look, I’ll trade you friend for some… Business.” said Estabon with a Evil Grin. “Okay, Our friend, Grenada is injured. He can’t see. He went Blind.” said Mark. “There’s an evil down here. If you can stop it. I’ll tell you were to heal your Friend.” said Estabon. “Of course.” Okay. there’s a spring not to far from here. That spring is holy. It heals injury.”said Estabon as he pushed Woo back over to the group. “Keep moving straight. You’ll find it.” said Estabon as he dissipated into thin air. “That was odd. you should have seen that.” “John shut up!” said Grenada as he kicked thin air. “Lets keep walking.” said Mark as they Trekked farther down into the Forbidden Cave.


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