McDonalds Attack!

King Glory the 37th had been relaxing in Florida for awhile. But vacation was over. 16 ounces of McDonald double whipped extra fudge ripple milkshake had crept its way into the stomach. After about two minutes later unnatural. Beast ran up my stomach and penetrated the the Thick iron gates that restrained the wicked beasts from destroying my body. Beeboo beeboo beeboo. “What?” Throughout king glory as he made his decent to the head management hall of problems. “What’s that pitiful noise disrupting my Wonder sleep? ” asked king glory. “We just looked through the right eye Sire and we see a 16 ounce Mcydees double whipped extra fudge ripple milkshake.” Nervously replied Frank. Frank, who was a small man had big circle glasses and a nasally voice. “McDonald, we meet again. What kind of twisted recipe do you use. Animal fat. Hairy arm pit crease. What is to that makes man go crazy. I must get a sample. This is my ti-” “French fry missiles! Yelled guard number 7. “We must get to the bunker! Please escort all families to the bunker!” Frantically panicked Rod. A fry headed right toward King Glory. He stepped out of the way and let his fingers gather a sample. King Glory licked his fingers and said. “Eel fat oil. I had a sneaking idea.” Suddenly vomit rose from the back of the throat a small bit of vomit hit the tongue. “Is that a Cheedo?” Thought King Glory as the vomit retreated to the burning depths of the acidic stomach layer. Then French fries rapidly shot into the mouth killing and destroy homes and families. “Let out the double-X triple cross bow. Deluxe edition.” Yelled king glory. “The battles all ready won.” Said King Glory the 37th as he sat down and kicked his feet up to watch the seemingly endless battle.


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