The Forbidden Cave Part 4

Grenada hit about twelve thousand rocks and stones in the past twelve minutes. Roughly about a thousand per minute. “How long have we been walking?” Asked Grenada. “Days,” replied Ken. “Hey Grenada.” “What. Ah!” Yelled Grenada as he fell into the mystical spring of goodness. “Yes! Vision! Hello world! Wait? Where are we?” Asked Grenada with sadness in his voice. “A cave,” said Mark. “Well now that I can see. Things will move much faster.” Said Grenada. Grenada looked up and noticed a big hole in the roof of the seemingly bottomless pit of curse disparity. “Grenada? Is it you?” Came a voice from the the void. This voice was only hearted inside of Grenada’s head. ” hey, guys… I be right back…” Said Grenada as he put his hand on his Helmet. “You ok?” Asked John with concern. “Yeah, fine” said Grenada as he slipped into a shadow. “Nigile?” “Yes Grenada it is I.” “What, how are you alive?” “I’m not.” “What?” “You see, each person has a gift. Mine is life.” I still don’t understand.” “Listen, you in trouble. I have a giant clamp on my head.” “Your loosing me Nigile.” “Wait don’t leave yet. I have gift for you.” ” what? What is it?” “Look down Grenada.” Grenada looked down to see a small hole in the wall. A light saber handle fell through the hole. Grenada bent down and held it tightly. “No!” Yelled Nigile as the massive clamp on his head crashed him. “I knew I should have killed you along time ago.” “Ulix.” Whispered Grenada as he hid his new weapon. Suddenly six elite strike troops rushed into the cavern. One shot Woo in the shoulder. Grenada took action at once. Slashing the first shock troop across the chest. The slicing a arm off the next one. Grenada deflected a shot off his saber and cut the barrel off of a gun. Grenada the began slashing the trooper that shot Woo until he was a chunk of flesh. Grenada slid under a shot and cut another clone in half. Then stabbed another. Grenada stabbed the last elite shock trooper and turned of the light saber to let the lifeless body of the shock captain to fall to the ground. Grenada turned around to see Mark passed out. And Ken on his knees in shock. John and Drake were trying to stop Woo from convulsing on the floor from see utter awesomeness.


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