The ForBidden Cave Part 5 A Dark Secret

“G-Grenada, how d-did you use that light saber?” Asked Ken in disbelief of what he just saw. “It’s time you know my secret… My mothers a Jedi, and my father is a clone. Sadly I have more clone DNA than I do Jedi. I’ve tried for years as a child to be a Jedi. I just didn’t fit in. I wasn’t built for being a Jedi. Other students had the ability to jump high and fall from high heights. Worst of all I can’t use the force. It forced me to take a new identity. My master gave me my light saber a couple of years ago.” Said Grenada as he let his head hang. “But., why, why did you leave?” Asked John. “It wasn’t me fault. Ok! I was corned by. Him. I had one choice. Give the plans over or not.” “What plans?” Asked Ken. ” I stole me dad’s attack plans. Ulise. He was threatening to kill me! I was a failure. I killed! Ulise! Ulix’s brother! That’s why he’s after me! He just took my masters life. He took many. I can’t report him cause he has Bombs placed on the mane clone training facility.”


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