The Forbidden Cave Part 6 Venom

Entry 19

It’s been 9 days since I’ve seen life. But today I have discovered a frightening thing. Venom. At least I think it’s venom. I found a driller like… An oil rig driller it was harvesting some sort of liquid. It was purple. I continued down the cave when I saw another then another and so on. But then… I found a building. It was on populated. But skeletal remains of humans rested on the floor. I gave one last step before my life changed. I slipped on something. It caused me to topple into a rack of tools. I stood up and bumped my head on a shelf that contained a potion. I have the strength of a million beasts. The speed of the wind. I have a gift. I must journey deeper into this lab. To gain more supernatural gifts.


” Collect the guns. We’ll need them.” Ordered Grenada. Woo looked at his arm and noticed a burn mark on his skin. He blinked. Then the burn took the shape of an unknown creature. Then slowly took the shape of a strange symbol. Woo wrapped his shoulder in a bandage and picked up a gun. “So Woo I still can’t believe that the blast took a chunk out of you suite.” Said Mark as he snapped his fingers. “Yeah,” replied Woo as he tried to escape conversation with Mark. Woo began to rub his stomach. “I’m hungry,” said John. “I agree. We should eat.” Said Woo. “There’s freshly shot clones.” Said Grenada. No response came from his squad. “Why did I tell them.” Thought Grenada as he kicked a stone. “Let’s keep moving.” Said Grenada. “Let’s see what the old man knows about me past.”


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