McDonald Attack Part 2

Evil growling beast confronted King Glory. Their wicked breath filled the nasty lungs. Saliva dripped like a waterfall. The teeth were cover in plaque. So infected it could give a man a heart attack. About 8 traveled in packs. King Glory the 37th raised his sword as a beast pounced. With one slash the wicked diseased creature. Laid motionless. Milkshake gushed from the throat were King Glory had made the incision. The rest showed no mercy and attacked again. This time one circled behind King Glory. One came from behind leaping to the sky. King Glory rolled under it as he sank as legendary sword deep into the guts of the Gross beast. King Glory looked up to see the blood red eyes of yet another beast. King Glory could feel the humid breath beating upon his face. The beast wielded in agony as a cross bow arrow ripped though it’s skull. The rest of the beast were soon struck by mighty arrows. King Glory turned around and was in horror of what he sees. Franks hand. King Glory rushes over to see a hand. Reaching out of the throat. “No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Yelled king glory as the hand fell. King Glory rushed over to see frank falling. His limp body splashed in the acid that fills the intestinal track. A rumbling noise rose from the depths of the stomach. And flushed his dead skeleton out. The only thing the remand was his glasses. King Glory returned the Glasses to Franks family. “Well I won’t miss him. He wasn’t the brightest and he hated his low paid job. I think he’ll be missed.” Closed King Glory as he slammed the coffin of franks skeleton. And kicked it into the grave.


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