The Forbidden Cave Part 8

Ken slowly opened his scabbed eyes to see a cold dirty prison ceil floor. He has chain cuffs on his wrists. Both hands above his head. Ken let his head hang low, he could see that he was in a torn fetid pants. Ken had been stripped from his suite and left with only some pants. a little bit of light escaped through that four metal squares in the rusty iron door. The door screeched open as a shadow of a man was cast onto Ken. The man walked over to ken. He raised a huge battle axe like weapon. “AAAAAAAAH!!!” John. jumped awake to see that he was to in chains. A man entered the room were John was held captive in. The man had a mask on. “Do you know why, I have returned…” came a muffled voice from the Dark Man. “No,” replied John with pain in his words. “Let me tell you a story… I was chased through a jungle… My crew had been demolished-” “Look, I’m a Clone, My duty is to kill… Its not the life style I desire… I’m truly sorry if I took a life of your friend. Its not my fault.” “I know-” “Do I know you!?” yelled John. “YES!!!” “THEN WHO ARE YOU!? REMOVE YOU FREAKEN MASK!!!” yelled John. “As you wish.” The masked man remove his face guard, and spoke. “Take me to Grenada,” “H-Hondo…” “Yes it is I…” Hondo then dropped a bag. A head rolled out. Tears welded up in Johns face. “Ken,” those words felt like daggers in John side. ~~~ “Grenada! Its Ken and John, there gone.” panicked Woo. “What are you talking about?” Asked drake. “Lets move,” ordered Grenada as he woke from his slumber.


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