The Forbidden Cave Part 9 Blood is spilled

“Shut up.” said Grenada “We have compony.” Three Clones marched down the tunnel. Grenada spun around the corner of the tunnel, he shot the first clone and jumped off of him activating his lightsaber while spinning and stabbed the second clone and the swung the saber to the left chopping the third in half. “Move or you die!” Yelled Hondo. Grenada froze. “Hondo? You live?” “Yes I do.” replied Hondo. “Hondo,” “Yes Ulix.” said Hondo. “Commander Gree, Cody, Fox And Rex are in our hands. And I assume Grenada?” said Ulix. Hondo took his eyes of Grenada for a third of a second. And that was the wrong choice. Grenada Leaped up and spin kicked Hondo. Then Kicked Ulix in the chest, sending him backwards. “NOW!!!” yelled Grenada as Woo and Drake Spun around the corner. Laying down heavy fire.  At least 16 Clones charge Grenada from behind. “What the Fly!” yelled Grenada as he received and boot to the face. 


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