Memory Lane

I am bored today. So, I thought of my best friend Treson and the trip I made to his house with my brother. As i remember more of the moment, I see deeper into the adventure.

Our favorite game is playing in their off-road golf cart. We would play that game countless times. So I’m sharing about the one that stands out to me most. My sister, Ellie, had come with us to Treson’s house. The objective is to capture all boys. The girls had the golf cart due to it being three boys vs two girls.

The time had come. The girls’  team is Livie (Treson’s younger sister) and Ellie. The Boys’ team is Treson, Matthew and Andrew (Me!).

Treson’s house is on top of a hill. Their driveway went in between a garden and a guest house. The road went straight down until a sharp turn at the bottom. The road would follow up to a green house. The road Passed the green house Down a steep hill that turned to the left. To the right there is a pond. The road go’s left to the final turn. But one obstacle stood in the way. A bumpy road of doom. After that theres a turn around to come back.

Livie and Ellie hopped into the golf cart and sped off. They have to drive the loop so we get time to hide. I quickly asked Treson what to do. He said.”Go hide behind the cars and give us a signal if you see them.”

I agreed and did my job. I waited for like 5 minutes before the Team of Beasts came. I gave the signal but Treson and Matthew had bailed. I jumped into action bolting as fast as I could. Then, I turned my head to see Livie’s eyes narrowing. I ran faster but my legs gave out and my face slammed into the dirt. Livie put on the brakes, and put me in the bed of the off road golf cart. I had been defeated.

Suddenly my team mates come to rescue me. They charged full force. Livie was not giving up. She switched it into reverse. And went backwards so fast I thought I was about to see my life flash before my eyes.

As Livie did something like a J-turn, Ellie started yelling and calling Treson and Matthew names. Livie drifted around the corner at the bottom of the hill. I could feel the two right tires lift off the ground. I bounced around like a rag doll. She slammed the brakes. She could since something in the woods to her left. She assumed it was Treson. She turned the tires and the golf cart crawled up a steep hill to flat land. She drove up by the green house up to the backside of their house. A giant bush and a propane tank.

Ellie said “Livie No!!!! Its a trap!” A dog came from the woods. Then Matthew leaped out from behind the propane tank and smacked the golf cart. (Thats how your team mates bust you free) I dove out and Ran for my life. Treson and Matthew fled to the woods. I regrouped with them. We needed an attack plan.

“Lets go hide in the garage,” I said.

“No! The dogs will give our spot away.” said Matthew.

“We are doomed,” said Treson as he flung his hands in the air.

“Time for Lunch!” yelled Treson’s mom.

“Perfect,” Matthew said as he rubbed his hands together like and evil psycho-killer.

We sprinted inside and Had PB and J while we watched Livie and Ellie search for us.

I now sit in my comfortable chair at home wishing to see Treson again. Adventure deepens in my mind as I think of my tales. 


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