Mystery of Shady Lane

It was about evening when 31 year old Jon came to his neighbors. Cops and caution tape closed off the area. At least 6 or 7 police cars blocked off the house.

“What happened here?” Said Jon as he walked up to a good friend. “Bart, I haven’t seen you in for, like ages.” Said Jon.

“Good to see you.” Welcomed Bart “Its odd that your neighbor Mr. frank was murdered today.”

“What happened?”

“Thats what my boys are doing. It so far looks like he was shot.” Said bart as he leaned up against his cop car. “Now I know you severed 6 years in the military. You worked in the morgue. Can you help us out?” 

“With what?”

“Well analyzing the body of course.” Jon Raised an eyebrow. 

“I soppose.” Answered Jon.

“Right this way.” Bart motioned his hand to the front door of the house. He and Bart Entered the house. “Were’s the body?”

“In his bedroom.” Replied bart as he entered the crime scene. Cops swarmed the room the mosquitos on a light. “Make way boys, a friend of mine is here to look at Frank.” Said Bart. Jon looked at the body. The man was spread out on his bed. A small handgun in his right hand. “The shot had been shot in the left side of his head.” said Bart.

“He shot himself said David. 

“who’s that?” asked Jon 

“I’m lead Detective.” 

“Who’s stupid idea was it to hire you. Its not suicide. He’s right handed.” Said Jon.

“H-How do you know.” said David as he raised his chin. 

“Let me see the pen in his desk is to the right. His alarm clock is to his left. Meaning he rolls over to stop it with his right hand. The Butter knife in the kitchen has the butter on the left side. Via the side right handed people spread Butter on there toast. There is no possible way he shot himself in the left side of his head.” Bart then started clapping and slowly stopped.

“Well Jon, the first person to find the killer wins.” said David.

“Challenge accepted.”

“You two should leave now. Boys clean up the body. I’ve got a wife and kids to eat dinner with.” Said bart as he started stroll out of the death air filled home. 

“Bart, Lunch tomorrow?” 

“I’ll see what i can do Jon” Said Bart


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