Mystery of Shady Lane -Part 2

Officer Bart waited at “Henry’s Burgers” for Jon. Bart looked down at his watch. “12:30, he should be here.” Bart looked up to Jon sitting in front of him. 

“I’m I late?” Asked Jon with a grin. 

“No, not at all.” replied Bart. The Waitress arrived and took the order from the two men. “So, When was the last time you were at your house. I suppose last night?”

No, I was teaching Wilderness survival to some teenagers. They talked me into a night trip. So we set up camp, made a fire. Ate dinner. And so on.” 

“Back to the original question.”

“Saturday I was at my house.”

“You haven’t been in your house in a week!” Said Bart. 

“Why no, whats wrong?”

“The murder is most likely in your house.” franticly said bart. 

“Oh no, Becky the person who owns that coffee shop. She’s taking my dog Rudy to the park.”

“What time?!” 

“Ten o’clock.”

“Get in my car! Wait! Leave a tip for the waitress!” Said Bart as he leaped from his seat. “In my car fast!” Jon buckled up in the passengers seat. Bart slammed the gas and zipped out of the parking lot. He entered a password on a computer at the same time. “Stop all traffic lights to red!”


“Press the Delete Key!” 

Jon did as he was told. “Officer Bart. Bring in all units to 604 Shady Lane.” Bart turned violently dodging cars. Jumping into opposite side of traffic. Bart speed in to the neighborhood. And parked the car beside Jon’s house. “Get out.” said Bart as he used his door to his cop car as a shield. Jon hopped out and did the same.”Take this,” said Bart as he handed Jon a small revolver. “You know how to use one?”

“Duh,” Three more cops showed up. The two more state troopers. The window on the second floor was opened. A rope laid across. “That how he got in, from house to house. Suddenly the window to the house slammed closed. “He’s in there,”



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