Memory Lane

I think deeper and deeper about adventures I’ve had with my friends. Now a new Tale awakens in my mind.

“Have fun with that one,” says my brother Matthew as I started climbing the 60 ft rock wall. I took a deep breath and went for it! climbing the wall like a boss. 28 ft up my friend Treson doesn’t think I’m going to make it. I ignored there crud talk and kept climbing. 49 ft up. A giant obstacle. A huge gap I have to jump. I waited. The only hand hold is vertical so i can’t grab the top. I was ready to jump. I leaped! And I whipped out my iPhone and threw it. Luckily it had a timer on it so it took this amazing photo!



Such a good photo i know. But I must continue. 


I leaped and grabbed the hold swinging left to right! The muscles in my arms burned but i sucked it up like a man and made it!


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