More Memories of the Past

“Ok, Get the ammo box.” Said Seth as plastic B-Bs Wizzed by our heads. Seth leaped up and unleashed the power of his airsoft machine gun onto the poor little kids that was devout to murdering us. Seth pelted them as I snatched the precious ammo box. Out came Matthew, he shot my in the shoulder. “Retreat!” I yelled as me a Seth fled the battlefield. We climbed a fence and crawled to the roof of our barn. I tapped Seth’s shoulder.

“What,” Both of our eyes widened. We looked into a new enemy. Thomas and Weston. I rolled over to the opposite side of the barn roof, just to see Matthew ready to shot. I rolled back over. “Matts on the other side! We’re trapped!” I yelled. 


“What!?” Seth grabbed my arm. We leaped from the roof. Seth started shooting at the kids that showed up ready to fight. They dove under a board of wood over a ditch. I heard Matts shotgun rack. He shot at Seth. “NO!!!!!!!” I leaped in front of Seth! But I was off timing and fell on my face. Seth dropped his gun. And Gave his last breath before dying. I was starring at Weston. I pushed his gun up to the top of the board. He shot and killed Matthew. I grabbed Seth’s gun and shot Weston and Thomas. I won but lost Seth to Matthew. 

“Well new round?” 

“No, I came over to invite you guys to my airsoft party cause its my birthday.” say Weston

“Cool, Whens the party?” 


Well lets go then. I said as we walked to the New Battlefront. 

At least 38 some odd kids were at the party all armed with airsoft guns. Weston’s older brother was there. 

“Okay! I’m team captain. Seth and Frank are as well. Weston picked some idiot he invaded to his party. Seth picked Matthew. And Frank picked his Friend and his girl friend. Then me and 34 kids were left. 

“I’ll take the rest.” said Weston. We all agreed 3 vs. Two. vs 34. I was on Weston slop bucket Team. We headed into a creek bed that was dried up. We moved super far back. 5 minutes passed. Now it was time to strike. But we were struck first. Matthew and Seth flanked us! The kids were helpless! It was unbelievable!!!! I left the group! Anyway I’m better off a lone wolf. I fled the scene of death and made it to the creek bed. “Friend Or Foe?” Came a bellowing voice. Weston Brother approached me. I dropped my gun. He came up to me and Held my hostage. “Move or you die.” he said. Matthew and Seth came from the woods successful. A slipped a mini pistol out of my sleeve of my shirt and shot my hostage taker. And fled. Some guy and his girlfriend came down and shot Matthew and Seth. I sneaked up on them and MURDERED! THEIR UGLY FACES!!!!! So I won again but soon I would Fall hard.


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