Most Over Embellished Air-soft Fight Ever

“Ok Seth, Are you ready?”

“Yeah dude, How about you?” replies Seth

“To be honest, I’m scared.”

“Well lets get’em!” yells Seth as he and I run round the corner. I hide behind a fetid trashcan. I look the scope of my assault riffle. I look over to Seth. Seth hand signals to move up. I Step out as a bullet strikes the ground beside me. Seth draws his combat knife and stabs an enemy. “Run!” I yell. I flip down a thermal reader over my eyes. I see at least six to seven people waiting behind a wall. “Seth no! No!” I scream as he walks around the corner. Seth takes three bullets to the chest. Still holding his combat knife he drives it into the first rivals sternum. He disfigures another persons face with his desert eagle handgun. He shots again. Another enemy comes at him. This time getting the best of him. The attacker shoots Seth 5 more times. Seth stands there staring into the enemies eyes. Seth raises his hands high. The Rivals watch him. Seth pulls a pin to a grenade that he was holding. “No!!!” I yell as the explosion erupts! The shock wave throws me back. Bodies of the enemies scatter upon the ground. I come to realize the battle is fare from over. I quickly get to my feet. I reach into my cargo pocket. “Yes! My phone. No not mom, um… yes Matthew!” Presently Matthew answers the phone. “Send all available members”

“Will do,” I hang-up the phone. I prepare for a quick selfie when a bullet blasts through my IPhone 6 Plus. I look up to see a sniper. Rage is now rushing through my blood. I let out war cry as I charge at the sniper. The enemy watches my as run full speed at the target. I jump into the air as I boot kick the sniper. I unload a full magazine of bullets into his face. The enemy starts closing in on me. I take in a deep breath as he prepare to die.

“Aaaaaaaah!” Yells Matthew as he jumps out of a plane flying over the base. He spreads out his arms and legs as he falls towards the earth.  He sees the helicopter he’s suppose to highjack. Matthew’s been holding a rope with a hook on it the hole time. He throws the front end at the helicopter. The hook catches the landing care. He swings underneath it. He scales the rope and climbs inside the helicopter four rivals sit in the main compartment.

“I’m ready to die.” I state as I wait for them to shoot me. Suddenly a helicopter explodes in mid air and comes crashing down. “Aww Its Matt.” I see as I watch the helicopter crash into the men. I look up and see the leader of the gang. I draw my assault riffle once more. I aim at his head. I shoot. The man drops dead. “Well that was easier then i expected.”


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