Orthodontist Hassel Pt. 1

King Glory walks the vacant halls of glory in the left arm. He inspects the fine paintings. “Oh, its so funny how Doctors think they know how the body works! We, the decedents of King Germinasases is whats running things around here! I mean besides me, without my brilliant mind my colony would be left for dead.” Exclaims King Glory the 37th.

“Um, Sir, Um, uh, we merrily influence the humans choices. Uhuha.” says a little servant.

Well bob, you see, if the human does something stupid, I can fix it myself. Problem fixed. Take notes” replies King Glory. “Now where is the person going. Son of a germ!!! He’s going to the Orthodontist! Sound thee emergence alarm!” Yells King Glory. Bob scrambles down the Hall or glory and takes a turn to the left. He pulls a lever. Weeeeeeewooooooweeeeeeewoooooo. “Everybody to the safety room!”

“We’re all gonna die!”


“Fiddle sticks. Everybody calm down!”

“Sir, Our radar is picking up a signal of biohazard radiation cell bombs in the air ducts of the building!” King Glory furrows his brow.

“You mean natives we fought at fort toothainain?”

“Yes! And there medieval warfare has increased! They got catapults that are loading Natives into right now!”

“Close the launch bay! And call in the plaque bots!” Commands King Glory. Tiny white robotic cells bust through the gum line and start spraying white goo on the teeth. “Warriors ready!” Yells King Glory the 37th. An angry horde of barbaric germs give a battle cry as the wait for the Natives from toothainain to breech the launch bay. Presently the sound of echoing screams reach the ears of the warriors.

“Their here!” Yells a warrior. Suddenly the launch bay door blows open! Thousands of germs pour into the mouth. The warriors charge into battle. Arrows, toothpick javelins. Everything you could think of was being used by the Natives. But the advance swords of King Glory’s arming was no match for arrows and javelins. King Glory scrambles to the brain were he sees that the human is ready for braces. King Glory’s heartbeat picks up. He panics as the Orthodontist walks the human to his chair. “We’re going to die!” -To be continued-


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