The Apple

Johnny Appleseed got his nickname by diligently planting more then 100,000 square miles of apple trees. Because of this, we now can enjoy playing with apples, eating them, and finding creative ways to display the red fruit.
“Hi, I’m a red apple. You know the stereotypical shiny impeccable red apple. Obviously, You might look at me and lick your cracked lips, but before you do that, let me tell you some potential uses I have. Unlike pears and oranges, I’m seen at many renowned Fairs, Festivals Carnivals and Parties too! People like you enjoy throwing me in a barrel of water, which is frigid, and attempt to proficiently pick my up with your mouth. Once my friend, shiny the shiny apple, was audaciously set on some ones head, and a bow-master came and adeptly shot her off this guys head! It was exemplary and aspiring! And the Bow-master was proudly awarded with a special pudding crumble cake. Mmmmmm yummy.
Oh! Speaking of yummy! I’m also delicious! You can make me a smoothie, pie, deep fry, or even dip me in warm sweet caramel. After I’m dipped, just be carful the caramel has a reputation for get people covered in goo, so watch out! Its imperative! You can even make me a special decoration! Simply, Just take a knife and start tediously carving! Until you have a masterpiece. Once, the prominent green apple, who lived on the east side of my cute tree, was cunningly cut into a beautiful swan. Oh what I would do to be ever so carefully carved into a graceful swan. And the gravity of keeping me off the ground is because worms love to borrow vacant holes in my core and eat me from the inside, so if you find an apple on the ground don’t presume it fine because its inevitable that there might be a sly worm in it. And what’s the worst thing you could find in and apple? Half a worm! Haha! Get it you ate the other half! I love jokes!
Wait a moment! Before you eat me, just remember with out the revered Johnny Appleseed, who reverently earned his nickname, planted over 100,000 square miles of delicious apple trees! You people wouldn’t be able to enjoy the fun and creative uses I have!


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