Looking back on the previous post I think I’m dead… A brief summery of the past what… like seven months or so? Ya, School isn’t just a flick of my pencil I have to actually do things. 😀 It turns out King Glory the 37th didn’t successfully defend against the native tribe of hormonians, (Hormones) And the body was over run by an evil tyrant named… PUBERTY!!! Dun dun duuuuuuummmmmm. My photography went from a flowing river of generosity, to a dry forgotten wasteland of boring pictures. I have used the remainder of my time over the past seven months dedicated to non other then the amazingly perfect dreamy world of sleep. Yes sleep, sounds like a waste of time and thats exactly what I used it for. Instead of productively building a multi-billion company I slept on my face and watch mindless youtube videos. So I’m exited to announce! The not official return of MANDROOW! {REALMS OF THE DREAM WORLD}-Date- When ever I wake up-



Which is never…


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