What the what?! #1

My life contains five major activities, eating, sleeping, playing, procrastinating and drinking chocolate milk. I will do almost anything for a glass of chocolate milk. I thought drinking chocolate milk was bad for me because it had chocolate in it. Well, I was wrong… Sorta šŸ˜› Chocolate milk has been proven to be best energy/post workout drink. The milk does most of the magic by tremendously helping muscle recovery and restoring energy. But, when you add chocolate to the milk… The result is a potion fit for a king. Well, does the chocolate just help it taste better or does it actually help? Yes, the chocolate helps! The chocolate basically just boosts the affects of the milk and makes it taste better. So, what have you learn? You learned that chocolate milk is more efficient then the $50 energy drink brands that have a sly ploy of ripping you off. Keep your $50 and buy something useless. Be Golden!


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