What the What!? #2, 1/3

Whoa! Dude don’t sneak up on me! No! No please don’t leave! I have some seriously strange stories and events I would like to share. This time I will have a three sections to this mystery. I was surfing the enterwebs couple weeks age and discovered something very strange… A popular conspiracy theory is that our world is being run by strange aliens known as Reptilians. The Reptilians are supposed to be shapeshifting reptile hybrids. Creepy right? Well, no one just makes up random stuff. They have to have something to spark the idea right? Well during my research I found a ton of videos claiming video proof of real shape shifters. The videos were very odd, showing characteristics normal humans don’t do. The Reptilians have errors in there cloaking ability and shifting. Most believers think the more reptilians blood the shifter has the better cloaking. Common defects contain: Changing of teeth, eyes switching from reptile to human, secondary lizard tongue, scales in hairline and rarely, hissing. Do to lack of video quality its hard to tell what the truth is. Your probably thinking “Haha, its clearly fake, like video quality is always apart of fake videos.” Well, don’t be that idiot. So shut it. Anywho, the Reptilians are supposed to be linked and actively working with the Secret Service, the Illuminati, numerous presidents, and more. This is all I have for now. Next time I will have videos and I will share my insight on what the video is. But for now, WAT IS DAT!! Aliens! Ahhhhh-


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