Oh, I didn’t see you there! Thanks for stopping by to read about my stories! My stories aren’t anything fancy, they are simply what ever pops into my mind. I have made various completed and abandon stories. The Forbidden Series has two Stories, “The Forbidden Jungle” and “The Forbidden Cave” Following characters I  mentally planned for a four series, long quest “Forbidden Jungle, Cave, Island and Regions.”  I started a detective/crime fighting story following the mysterious death of a neighborhood man. Since my imagination runs  1000x faster then my fingers, I couldn’t explain everything in a way that made since so I put the case to rest. Finally, my favorite character, King Glory the 37th, he is a germ that controls my body and everything that goes on inside it. It shines a new perspective into the human body. Because scientist are secretly hiding the truth! I have promising plans for King Glory and his many expendable friends. Thanks for stopping by to read about my stories.


Daze in the Life of Mandroow

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