What Is a Brickfilm?

Dude! Is that you? Ahhhh ya man thanks for stopping by to learn about brickfilms. Now, a Brickfilm is a stop motion animation. A stop motion animation is a group of photos played at a fast speed. Each picture the animator will move an object that he or she is taking a picture of. Every picture the object will be moved for each frame. Over a period of time the animator will have a group of photos, in the photos the object he or she’s is taking pictures of will seem to magically move. A Brickfilm is stop motion animation but instead of a random object we use Lego. Lego is very easy to use and has limitless possibilities. I think I put you into coma trying to explain this complicated process but anywho! Thanks for reading! Instead of just reading about Brickfilms why don’t you go watch some for yourself! Check me out Here or Here!


Daze in the Life of Mandroow

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