Hey! You might be wondering who I take pictures of? Well I have various characters of high importance and of low importance. Different characters are assigned to separate Squads. Kashyyyk Squad: Commander Krik, Spitfire, Kreg and Jok. Dune Squad: Whirlwind, Vex, Wybtec and Kej. Orbit Squad: Blaze, Inferno, Flint and Mezca. Each Squad is equipped with special gear helping the troops adapt to their environment. Kashyyyk Squad specializes in the Jungle and  in Stealth. Dune Squad specializes in Deserts and Stamina. Orbit Squad specializes in Air and infiltrating. If any of this makes you curious and you would like to learn more please visit my Photography Page Eflow Guy.


Daze in the Life of Mandroow

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